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DFX-8 Flaw Detector Released – 2 gauges in a single platform!

Sep 15,  2013
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DFX8_3We launched the first bench top model of our combined flaw detector and thickness gauge, the DFX-8. Similar to our DFX-7+ model in many ways/features, in terms of operation and format as intended, but with a larger display and overall platform advantages. Our concept was to do our best to keep both series gauges operationally compatible with one another, as we felt most inspection companies would be likely to own a handful of both models and select a gauge based on the days work or contract. Effortless transition/operation between models was our priority! Download our brochure, manuals and pricing info for a closer look! Designed and manufactured in the USA.

The DFX-7 Series

Dec 09,  2011
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DFX-7 Series Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & A-Scan Thickness Gauge
We’ve officially released our new mini flaw detectors. The 7 series gauges have a ton of features and toolkits in a single mini high speed color platform. Both gauges in the series are identical with the only exception being the filter options. The DFX-7 is a wide band only gauge, while the 7+ is equipped with both wide and narrow band filter options. Both models use a large variety of transducers: dual element, single element contact, delay line, pencil, and angle beam shear wave. The flaw detector tookits include: Trig, AWS, DAC, TCG, & DGS. Our kit includes DakView3 PC interface software to store measurements, waveforms, scope settings and setups. The great news, considering all the capabilities and features above, is the cost. Take care closer look on our website. All the manuals, specifications, software, and pricing information can be download at your leisure!

Transducer Extension Wand

Jul 05,  2011
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We’ve added an extension wand to our precision gauge single element transducers. If you need to get into some tight areas and need to reach a little further, the extension wand is your answer.

Note: The extension wand is only available with a male and female microdot configuration.

900F Dual Element Probe

Jun 16,  2011
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900F Dual Element Probe
We’ve released our new high temperature dual element transducer for those extra hot applications. These are currently supplied in our 1/4″ configuration, but we’ll also be releasing a 1/2″ version momentarily.

These are compatible with any of the M series or new CMX series gauges. The advantage of using these in conjunction of with the CMX series gauges, is the auto probe zero capability, which automatically compensates for increases in temperature.


Jun 16,  2011
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Our new high speed color platform has finally arrived! This thing is very fast, featuring a screen redraw rate of 120 Hz or 120 times per second. The added speed improves the scanning speed for both longitudinal and basic shearwave inspections. Only available for the CMX DL+.

Take a closer look!

The UMX-2

Jun 16,  2011
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The UMX-2 Underwater gauge is the latest addition to the Dakota product range. Fully equipped with our DSP platform using FPGA technology, it’s extremely versatile for all those offshore inspections. Our enclosure is extremely durable, with a maximum depth rating of 1000ft (300m), and offers the use of both Dual & Single Membrane transducers to accommodate your application requirements. The features include: auto probe zero, auto probe recognition, and multiple measurement mode options.

Our Dual Element modes (corrosion inspections) include: Pulse-Echo (pits & flaws), Echo-Echo (thru-paint) & Pulse-Echo w/coating (combo). Our Single Membrane probe option uses a Triple-Echo (TCG) mode for coated and uncoated general applications. While not suitable for blind surface corossion inspections, this option offers good linearity for general purpose applications.

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The calibration section contains 8 common pre-programmed material types and 1 custom user programable option. Connect the UMX-2 to your PC, and program it with our DakView3 utility software.

Our UMX-2 stores up to 5,000 readings in a variety of configurations. The file structure options include: sequential with auto identifier and alpha numeric grid formats. Every measurement stored also saves a copy of the UMX-2 current settings, along with an A-Scan waveform graphic.

Take a good look at the feature set…and, of course, our price tag!

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