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The DFX-7 Series

DFX-7 Series Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & A-Scan Thickness Gauge
We’ve officially released our new mini flaw detectors. The 7 series gauges have a ton of features and toolkits in a single mini high speed color platform. Both gauges in the series are identical with the only exception being the filter options. The DFX-7 is a wide band only gauge, while the 7+ is equipped with both wide and narrow band filter options. Both models use a large variety of transducers: dual element, single element contact, delay line, pencil, and angle beam shear wave. The flaw detector tookits include: Trig, AWS, DAC, TCG, & DGS. Our kit includes DakView3 PC interface software to store measurements, waveforms, scope settings and setups. The great news, considering all the capabilities and features above, is the cost. Take care closer look on our website. All the manuals, specifications, software, and pricing information can be download at your leisure!

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