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DFX-8+ release just around the corner now!

We’re scheduled to release our “+” addition to our 8 series flaw detectors the first part of August. Primary advantages over the DFX-8 are as follows:

High voltage tone burst pulser:

    400 volts electrically…but 8 dB more output than a basic square wave pulser at the same voltage, as it’s tuned to the resonant frequency of the transducer.

Wave Averaging:

    Improved clarity of the waveform resolution, very useful when zoomed in on small ranges.

High Speed Analog Outputs (proportional outputs):

    System integration to control external devices. Optional amplitude or distance settings.

Remote Commander:

    System integration. Control the DFX-8+ from your PC.

Additional Narrow Band Filters:

    0.5 & 15 MHz

Auto Interface Gate (immersion):

    Automatic gating for tracking changes in water path distance.

Additional features following release:

DakUscan Crawler System:

    Encoded crawler addition.


    DFX-8+ becomes a webcam for classroom projection.

US List Price Set:

    $5850 – All future firmware upgrades, PC software and upgrades included at no additional cost!

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA!

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